As one of the premiere areas in the US to trainwatch, Folkston natives and rail fans alike hum to the constant rumbling of the trains passing throughout the day. This is one of the few towns in the nation where you can truly eat, sleep, and watch the traffic of the railroads.


Train watching is year-round as the trains never stop in Folkston. However, the trains that rumble through our town attracts rail fans from all over the nation and globe at Railwatch. These semi-annual events take place in the second weekend of April and the first weekend of December. These train-watching festival’s appear to grow each year, especially since the Folkston Funnel comes up on any online search for train watchers. The event takes place at the Folkston Funnel viewing platform located on Railroad Street in downtown Folkston. The expansive covered platform is equipped with a scanner tuned to CSXT’s frequencies, free WI FI, ceiling fans, lights, electric outlets, and flood lights for nighttime viewing, picnic tables, and grill and public restrooms. Most train watchers congregate here on Railwatch Day, but train lovers also line the tracks all over town, bringing lawn chairs, and even campers or motor homes. Train watchers can enjoy photography, videos, a potluck barbeque, a photography contest, and – of course – train watching.

Folkston Funnel

Your VIP train watching seat awaits you at The Folkston Funnel. From this viewing platform, the array of passing trains travel between Florida cities and cities in the South, Midwest, and Northeast. The platform is equipped with ceiling fans to beat the Georgia heat, a radio scanner for our railfans to listen in to radio traffic between trains, and flood lights to enjoy the trains passing through even in the evening’s. Adjacent to the platform are picnic tables, a grill, and restroom facility.

Train Museum

Nearly fifty years ago this train museum was a bustling train depot. Today, you can find the same depot well preserved as the Folkston Railroad Transportation Museum. This town’s passion for their railroad heritage is much of what keeps the history alive and thriving. Through the efforts of many, visitors can explore genuine railroad artifacts, tour the Cookie Williams Model Train Room, see a one-of-a-kind radio exhibit spanning four decades of radio communication, and learn about the railroad history that shaped the lives and culture of Folkston’s people.

3575 Main St.
Folkston, GA 31537

Rail Lodging

It’s one thing to view the trains from afar, but to sleep in what was once a train cart chugging down the tracks day-in and day-out, is truly an immersive experience. The outside of the car is unaltered in appearance and you miss no creature comforts in this unique abode. Inside you will find beds, a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and the history that uniquely radiates from the walls of these old train carts. The views, as you could expect, is in the perfect spot to watch the trains pass.

> Railside Lodging
> Roadmasters Lodge

No Limits Charters

Join Captain Diane Pollock on their “Rails on the River” charter. This tour has been designed specially for avid train watchers. These tours depart from Traders Hill and follows the St. Marys River to an active train trestle that crosses the river. From the deck of the boat, passengers have an unobstructed view of the trains as they rumble over the trestle. This is great place for getting unique train photos!
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